A Goodbye to Redondo Beach

When we got the phone call that we were bound for Colorado in the summer, I knew I wanted to document our first home together and the beauty that we were so blessed to call home. I had the idea that for every place we call home in the future, I want to capture a snapshot of our lives there. Where we lived, what we liked to do and show how our relationship and family has grown (not growing yet, don’t get excited). About a month before we packed up the Rod Beach Shack, we spent the greatest evening with Katie Ruther Photography shaking martinis, recreating our beach walk and capturing the beauty of our own front yard.

IMG_8570IMG_8610IMG_8703IMG_8763IMG_8776IMG_8903IMG_8952IMG_8978IMG_8991IMG_9054IMG_9079IMG_9116IMG_9153IMG_9247IMG_9367Here is an excerpt from my journal

“Firsts were born here. The first time he carried me over the threshold after our honeymoon, the first bottle of gin we opened together. The first pieces of furniture and cakes. First Christmas trees and dinner parties. First fights. First laughs. First routines. First sicknesses, surgeries and shedding of tears.

Our beach walks, oh I’ll miss those the most. The soundtrack of waves and children screaming. The sudden halt at the sign of dolphins and sad dollars. We talked a lot on those walks. Plans and dreams along with fears were spoken along sandy feet trails. A lot of healing was done too. Physically, relationally, and spiritually. The ocean holds those secret words, she knows our hidden thoughts. She was the perfect backdrop for our firsts.”




Colorado or Bust!

Tomorrow is our first step towards our new life in Colorado! We are packing up our little Corolla, driving through the mountains and getting Desi all set up to start his new job. I’ll be following along in the next few months as we anxiously await the completion of our new home! Yes, we are building a brand new house and we can’t wait to start building memories there.

So what does this mean for The Salty Bum? In the coming months expect a lot more DIY’s and home decor, lots and lots of football, and I am sure peeks into my personal journey as I navigate through emotions of moving away from family and friends and finding my place in the sun in Colorado. I am vowing to keep this page updated with the latest happenings in our lives so the distance seems smaller.

For now I’ll leave you with progress pictures of our new home so you can be every bit apart of this ride!

Picture 1Picture 10Picture 2

Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout


Shirt Similar | Pants

Last weekend we were invited to the Friends and Family ride preview for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney’s California Adventure. Which meant waking up at 5 am to get to the park by 7. Keep in mind if you are planning on conquering GOTG: Mission Breakout this summer, there were already crowds of people lined up to get their fast pass and wait in line 2 hours before the park even opened. We however, were able to walk right on, which I am thankful for because if you saw my Instastory that day you know that the nerves were so real!!

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Well, it’s been a minute.

Exactly two months since my last post.


I take full responsibility. Wedding plans have overtaken my life and we added in the fun of finding our first home!

So to say things have been a little chaotic is a bit of an understatement.

But I am here, thank you all for your patience, support and aloha. You’re the best bums a girl could ask for!


Four Months

Yesterday marked exactly four months until my wedding day. And yes, I did have a complete and utter freak out/meltdown/cry feast. Why? Because I simply needed it. I needed to take a moment to get sad, to let it out and feel every emotion I need to feel before I marry the love of my life.

All of my anxiety over the wedding stems from my fear that it will be here way too fast, when I’m not ready. When I’m not ready in regards to; did I enjoy every second of being engaged? have I really soaked it all in before this huge moment in my life? I mean, this is a moment that any little girl dreams about and fantasizes over since she is a little girl and then POOF! faster than the fairy godmother appears, and she’s all grown up and walking down the aisle! Um, did I miss something? Let’s go back and start all over again, I’ll be ready this time I swear!

Over the past few weeks, I have really felt God changing my heart. It has been the coolest thing. He has calmed my fears of moving away from my family and making me strong and capable to step into this next chapter clear headed. He truly has heard my prayers of desperation and fear, of clarity and guidance. Until yesterday.

This overwhelming anxiety crept up on me so quickly and shook me. You know what the trigger was? Typing in the addresses for the invitations and asking my mom “Are my Uncle Steve’s Steven or Stephen!?” To which she said one was StevAn, um, okay mom I know for sure that’s not right. And my lack of patience for that spelling error erupted into tears and hiding under the covers. (Sorry Uncle Steve’s).

I chose to close my computer, exit out of my Pinterest browser and leave every task sent from my wedding planner to the wayside and just cry for the day. An hour and half phone call from my best friend, being by my side and distracting me calmed me down and she assured me that this is all okay. To take the day and just feel every emotion I need to feel.

While on my “clarity run” as I like to call them I asked myself why did this reaction happen? Why am I feeling this way when I so noticeably had felt a change in my heart recently. And it hit me, I wasn’t spending time with God. I had let my devotionals fall to the wayside, I wasn’t diving into His word, I didn’t need my quiet morning time any more because I was where I needed to be. Well, he sure slapped the sense back into me, I need Him.

I had totally taken for granted the sense of peace and tranquility that came when I was so desperately seeking His guidance, once I had my answer I kept on going without Him. I think it is so easy for us to do, we only go to Him when we need something. Like a preteen who only talks to their parents for a $20 bill before walking out the door. So I encourage you all to invest and immerse yourself a smidge more into your relationship with Christ.

He will change your heart and change your perspective.

He will reassure you and make visible the abundance of blessings in each of our lives.

I can lean into Him the next time I simply just need to cry. And we all know, that it is bound to happen.

Damn, who knew I was such an emotional person!?