Well, better late than never!? It’s no secret that the entire wedding process had me pulled in every direction under the sun and my sweet blog was left in the dust. But because the post wedding activity depression is upon me, and I want to relive every moment and also perhaps since the end of my sweet sweet summer is eminent, let’s go back to June and party with my Flock of Beezy’s shall we?

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Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and allowed yourselves to reflect on the sacrifice so many before us and after us make to ensure we live in a free country that stands by the Declaration of Independence and allow us a holiday weekend to officially kick off summer.

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Thankful in Seattle

There is just something I cherish so deeply about Thanksgiving weekend. The kick off to the holiday season, the lazy Friday filled with leftovers and being surrounded by those dear to my heart.

This year was the first year I spent away from my familiar family traditions. Desi and I set off to Seattle to see his best friend and his wife. The most valuable lesson was learned this weekend, that no matter where you are, if you are surrounded by friends who feel like family any place can feel like home.

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surprise, we’re ENGAGED!

This weekend marks an entire month being engaged to the love of my life and I wanted to share with you all the details of our special day.

For those of you who don’t know, Desi proposed August 3rd on our trip to Maui. Maui has always been like a second home for me, I grew up watching brides walk out of the chapel with the bells ringing and it was finally my turn to have my fairytale unfold on the shores of Wailea.

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The Salty Bum Travels // New Mexico 

This summer, my goal has been to expand my horizons, discover more about myself and appreciate where I currently am in my life. So when Desi had to go to New Mexico for work, I tagged along for the heck of discovery.

Upon landing in Albuquerque, I quickly realized I would not be adventuring as much as I had thought. I ended up spending most of my time on the Air Force Base working on my blog. Which was discovery in its own way.

The times we did peek out of the base, I loved all the hidden gems New Mexico had to offer.

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