Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and allowed yourselves to reflect on the sacrifice so many before us and after us make to ensure we live in a free country that stands by the Declaration of Independence and allow us a holiday weekend to officially kick off summer.

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Bridal Shower

I was showered with so much love this weekend, it is overwhelming. My mom, sister, cousins and aunts, as well as my Flock of Flamingo bridal party threw me the most Salty Bum perfect bridal shower I could have dreamed of. It was more than my little aloha heart could handle.

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My Gift To You

The simplest, freshest, chicest way to add some Christmas spirit to your everyday? Nail polish. I am a sucker for the names. I am a sucker for sparkle. I am a sucker for the perfect nude. I am a sucker for nail polish.

Julep is a great service that sends new trendy nail polishes and other goodies straight to your door every month and if you are like me, then you get bored of your colors quickly.


So for all of you who have been on this journey with me as I navigate this blogging life, I want to give you all your first box of beauty goodies for free. I mean, you put up with me, you deserve it!

Gift Guide 2016

This time of year, there are so many different people telling you where to shop and what to buy to guarantee your loved ones know just how loved they are through that shiny new coffee maker they really don’t need. But yet again, that’s the fun of the holidays right? I put together some of my favorite gift guides I have seen this year.

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Bum Finds // Thanksgiving Outfits 2016

Let’s be honest, what we choose to wear to Thanksgiving sets the tone for the rest of our holiday season style. Most importantly though, while we are busy giving thanks and surrounded by our loved ones, making sure your pants aren’t digging into your stuffed belly so that you can reach for that second slice of pumpkin pie is crucial.

Not to fear, I am here to make sure your Thanksgiving ensemble is nothing less than ultimate comfort and holiday chic.

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Bum Finds // 3 Fall Trends from the Anthropologie Catalog

I cringe at the first sight of fall. There I said it. I just can’t bear to part with my long sunshine soaked days and carefree weeks.

But, in an effort to become a better person I am going to try and embrace each season, just as I am trying to embrace this daunting season of the mid-20’s.

If you’re like me, any sight of Anthropologie from the catalog at my door step to walking by in the mall, I immediately want to dive in and live in their cozy little world. Despite how much my heart loves this little gem, my wallet protests hard.

Here’s some of my favorites from the new Anthropologie catalog and their Bum priced match. Soft bold florals, warm toned plaids and trend setting mustard hues, alright fall… you can hang.

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