A Goodbye to Redondo Beach

When we got the phone call that we were bound for Colorado in the summer, I knew I wanted to document our first home together and the beauty that we were so blessed to call home. I had the idea that for every place we call home in the future, I want to capture a snapshot of our lives there. Where we lived, what we liked to do and show how our relationship and family has grown (not growing yet, don’t get excited). About a month before we packed up the Rod Beach Shack, we spent the greatest evening with Katie Ruther Photography shaking martinis, recreating our beach walk and capturing the beauty of our own front yard.

IMG_8570IMG_8610IMG_8703IMG_8763IMG_8776IMG_8903IMG_8952IMG_8978IMG_8991IMG_9054IMG_9079IMG_9116IMG_9153IMG_9247IMG_9367Here is an excerpt from my journal

“Firsts were born here. The first time he carried me over the threshold after our honeymoon, the first bottle of gin we opened together. The first pieces of furniture and cakes. First Christmas trees and dinner parties. First fights. First laughs. First routines. First sicknesses, surgeries and shedding of tears.

Our beach walks, oh I’ll miss those the most. The soundtrack of waves and children screaming. The sudden halt at the sign of dolphins and sad dollars. We talked a lot on those walks. Plans and dreams along with fears were spoken along sandy feet trails. A lot of healing was done too. Physically, relationally, and spiritually. The ocean holds those secret words, she knows our hidden thoughts. She was the perfect backdrop for our firsts.”




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