January Joy.

Well, our first month of 2018 is at an end. How are we feeling? I took this month to really devote time to what makes me happy, what brings be joy. I feel that today everyone is more focused on proving their lives are worth a “like” than actually doing what they like… see what I did there? I hope some of my random thoughts and ideas inspire you to do more joy through the rest of the year.

  1. More slow sandy beach walks. Less sidewalk beach runs.
  2. Pretty music – – who cares what’s on the Top 40, blast that Hawaiian music and Nat King Cole classics!
  3. Love your space. New sheets, pretty through pillows and fresh bath towels will instantly make you feel pampered.
  4. Throw it out! I hate to tell you, but the less cluttered your living space is the better you will feel. Not tripping on a random heeled boot in the middle of the night – that’s enough joy right there!
  5. Make pretty choices – – fresh whipped cream on your coffee, fragrant blooms, matching hangers in your closet small indulgences to treat yourself everyday.
  6. Give Thanks. Your life and everyday of it is a gift from God. So pray, talk to Him about it. Thank Him for the day in front of you and ask for guidance throughout the day. Obey, and joy happens.

Simple ideas, but really taking a step back and thinking about what makes you happy is so important. I don’t like going to the gym, why should I feel the need to post a sweaty post run selfie? I’d much rather post about my sunset beach walk that truly brought a smile to my face instead. JOY!


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