Hello 2018!

Happy New Year bums! I can’t believe it is already one week into the New Year. It seems like just last week we were lovingly decorating our first little Christmas tree and eager to celebrate the season and now, poof it’s all behind us. In a way I am ready to embrace 2018 heart wide open and ready, but in other ways it feels bittersweet to leave 2017 behind.

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, we have some exciting family news to share! After much prayer and discussion we are thrilled to announce that Desi has accepted a position at the Air Force Academy as a quarterbacks coach right before Christmas. This is a dream for Desi and I am the proudest wife to watch his little boy fantasy begin to unfold. But this means the Rod’s are packing up the beach house and emptying boxes of sand in Colorado!

Everyone’s first question is how am I going to handle trading the ocean for the Rockies, and instantly I reply, “I’m gonna freeze!” Which yes, I will, but I am honestly filled with such a tremendous amount of joy for my husband that the daunting idea of moving miles away from home and family, living a new lifestyle, and wearing snow boots more than sandals, doesn’t seem so scary. I am ready for change. I am ready for adventure.

Which brings me to my word for 2018, adventure. This year is already chalk full of brand new worlds. Our first year with no talk of wedding plans, just enjoying our marriage – the ultimate adventure. Packing up and heading to a new part of the country, embracing all it has to offer, adventure! Learning how to be a football coaches wife, hello… adventure! The list goes on and on, but I am so ready for this one.

My prayer is that you too embrace whatever adventure this year has to offer you. Cheers, to 2018 and sharing our adventures together.



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