Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout


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Last weekend we were invited to the Friends and Family ride preview for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney’s California Adventure. Which meant waking up at 5 am to get to the park by 7. Keep in mind if you are planning on conquering GOTG: Mission Breakout this summer, there were already crowds of people lined up to get their fast pass and wait in line 2 hours before the park even opened. We however, were able to walk right on, which I am thankful for because if you saw my Instastory that day you know that the nerves were so real!!

I was one of those who was not a fan of them altering the ride and taking out such a classic ride like Tower of Terror, but it was so much fun! It is a completely new ride and I have concluded that it is much more fun than Tower of Terror. There are interactive features while you wait in line and the writing for the characters is hilarious. Now yes, it does still drop you till your death and yes, it drops for longer periods of time. But, the music while you are free falling and screaming for life is so fun, I ended up dancing in my seat mid ride! Now this is coming from the girl who would do anything in her power to avoid going on Tower of Terror.

There are also fun scenes and special effects throughout the ride that makes it a much more enjoyable experience, where as previously you really just thought you were going to die.

Like I said before, the line to ride is gnarly. There have been days where it is a breeze (at 120 minutes mind you) but it will most likely be around a 4 hour wait. If you can work the system and get a fast pass as soon as you arrive, that helps but just be prepared to wait. I would plan my entire day around it.



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