Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and allowed yourselves to reflect on the sacrifice so many before us and after us make to ensure we live in a free country that stands by the Declaration of Independence and allow us a holiday weekend to officially kick off summer.


Desi and I drove the 405 freeway a total of FIVE times this weekend, three times on Saturday if I really wanna brag. We spent Friday and Saturday hauling the final big pieces of furniture and scrubbed and cleaned and bleached and sparkled our little beach house for three hours. Desi is a huge fan of me going to sleep smelling like lemon Pledge and bleach. But all that hard work paid off, we hunted down a Memorial Day steal on a refrigerator and made memories together turning this house into a home.


We spent our Sunday evening celebrating love at a beautiful wedding in the Malibu Hills. If you have not been to Saddlerock Ranch, I highly suggest you make an afternoon of it. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking.

This was our last wedding to attend before our own! What the!? And they had a giraffe… with a bow tie… enough said.


On Monday, we did a whole lotta this.


After a whirlwind few days we declared we would do absolutely nothing. Until Desi and Dad saw plants that needed to be dug up and lights that needed to be restrung in preparation for our wedding. But don’t worry, I oversaw and helped too.




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