Bridal Shower

I was showered with so much love this weekend, it is overwhelming. My mom, sister, cousins and aunts, as well as my Flock of Flamingo bridal party threw me the most Salty Bum perfect bridal shower I could have dreamed of. It was more than my little aloha heart could handle.

With the 60 day countdown officially upon us, celebrating with all of the women who have touched my life throughout my adolescence was the best way to get the party started!



Each table had a different love note from Desi, by far my favorite touch









My little sister blessed our meal and time together with a touching prayer, practicing for her Maid of Honor speech



This girl right here made this tropical oasis come to life. My cousin Justine put her heart and soul into making sure my day was perfect and did not stop working the entire day, leaving us with this as the only photo we took together the entire day.


I have never felt more loved and beautiful, it is all because of those who traveled far, took time out of their lives to celebrate me. The time and effort all my loved ones took to shower me with their aloha did not go unnoticed. I am in complete awe, it was a beautiful day.

Cake: Clarice’s Cakes

Cookies: Cheers To Cookies

Flowers: Charmaine’s Florist

Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty

Signs: Creations By Carlee


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