Happy New Year!

Happy New Year bums! I truly hope you had the most magical holiday season full of family, love, and that holiday libations always filled your cup.


2016 was just a weird year for me, full of excitement and joy yet entangled with me not feeling like myself. Mixtures of gaining weight and lack of self confidence but having the promise of the man of dreams committed love to me left me feeling all outta whack.

The past few weeks I have been sick, like I’m about to choke on my lung every cough sick. Which the doctors classify as allergies… okay, right. Yoga and long walks in the brisk January air and yes, I am back to playing hawaiian music on loop seem to be the best
medicine for a clear and simplified 2017.

For 2017, I want to feel fulfilled. Last year my love tank was overflowing. From Desi to lifelong relationships and sheer joy of whats to come had me feeling over the moon. But I was not happy with myself and the pressure of where I thought I had to be in life got the best of me. So this year, I want to be fulfilled with myself and live a life that I’m not ashamed to look back on photos of myself during this special time in our life and remember how crappy I felt.

I have never been so ready for a fresh start and a clean slate than I am now. The possibilities, the adventures and the love that is about to be shared this year is energizing.

And as life would have it, it’s day four of the new year –  I didn’t get the job I was confident in getting and the new plan we had for Desi’s job this year flip flopped… again.

Oh 2017, you’re a cheeky lil devil already aren’t you.



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