Gift Guide 2016

This time of year, there are so many different people telling you where to shop and what to buy to guarantee your loved ones know just how loved they are through that shiny new coffee maker they really don’t need. But yet again, that’s the fun of the holidays right? I put together some of my favorite gift guides I have seen this year.

The Everygirl:

They K I L L E D it. Literally there is something for everyone you could imagine in your life. From your man to your cousins new baby, this nailed it.



By now you can all tell how much I love me some Anthro. I mean who doesn’t? If I could move in to one of their stores, I would. So it’s no wonder they have a great guide this year. Even better is that you can buy them all at one store!


The Glitter Guide

Oh and if my heart couldn’t contain it anymore, The Glitter Guide may just get the prize for the gift guide of the year  because theirs comes straight from T A R G E T. Yes, the holy grail. holiday-gift-guide

Happy shopping friends, and yes if you are wondering, I will take any of these items under my tree gladly.


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