Bum Finds // Thanksgiving Outfits 2016

Let’s be honest, what we choose to wear to Thanksgiving sets the tone for the rest of our holiday season style. Most importantly though, while we are busy giving thanks and surrounded by our loved ones, making sure your pants aren’t digging into your stuffed belly so that you can reach for that second slice of pumpkin pie is crucial.

Not to fear, I am here to make sure your Thanksgiving ensemble is nothing less than ultimate comfort and holiday chic.

To refresh, the rules of the game are as follows; I find a higher priced item and what I like to call our “bum find.” Two prices, same trend. Let’s do it!

Cozy, yummy sweaters and vegan leggings. Let’s all give thanks for elastic waistbands! 






Holiday dresses may be one of the best parts of this time of year. The most festive way to bring in the holidays, velvet!! 



The one item I will be living in? This romper! Pair it with a statement necklace, uber cool leather jacket, or comfy cozy cardigan. Insta cool. And, what’s better than elastic waistbands? No waistband!! 



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