Four Years


This picture was taken four years ago at the high school football game.

Four years ago…

I remember the butterflies.

I remember the amount of confidence I had, clearly, look at my dress I wore!

I remember the way we tried not to notice each other.

I remember silently wishing he would come over and say hi, he did.

I remember that the entire stadium filled with people and the homecoming football game all became silent in this moment and it was like we were always part of each other’s lives.

I remember the start of an entire new life.

God is so good friends. His timing is unimaginable. I prayed for the right man, I prayed to make me the best version of myself for the man He had in store for me. I prayed that He allow me to take my time of singleness so that I can become confident and secure in who I am. He knew that five years after graduating high school, we would be reunited as two completely different people.

This night never escapes my thoughts, it’s too precious.


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