Labor Day Weekend

I am not going to lie, Labor Day and I have mixed feelings towards one another. Unlike the love that Memorial Day and I have, its a beautiful relationship. Long weekends are perfect little gifts God bestows to us right when we are feeling run down from post-summer vibe blues, I love them.

Our Labor consisted of a lot of sleeping in, Desi never indulges in this luxury so it was a nice change of pace. Pool day lounging followed by Friday night date night with friends to celebrate an entire month of being engaged, woohoo!

Saturday kicked off with the first Air Force football game of the season, followed with the first Air Force football WIN of the season! Visits to our local winery, let the engagement party planning begin and more football! img_2727

Saturday night we decided to watch Father of the Bride with my parents. I was so excited, I was telling Desi that this is one of my favorite movies from when I was growing up. Holy crap, this movie was way too deep and emotional for someone who is in the process of panning a wedding. I was a mess! Even Desi said how heavy it was for him.

father_of_the_bride_posterIf you haven’t seen it, click here and order it. It’s a classic.

Sunday night, Desi and I made dinner for both sets of our parents so that we could talk about all of the exciting, ahem stressful, planning! We are obsessed with Chrissy Teigen’s book Cravings, we’ve made the Brick Chicken and Hasselback potatoes multiple times. It is always a hit and always simple to make!


I mean just look at it, its juicy and flavorful and that skin has the perfect crisp crunch to it, soak it in charred lemon juice and you will never go back!

Monday was back to enjoying our last official lazy day sun soaking. Champagne by the pool, finishing that book you I started back in June (more on that later), and good friends, good music, and good food. Summer you really are the sweetest thing, I hate so much to see you go.

Side note, I really need to up my photo skills for posts like these.


One thought on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Patrice says:

    OMG I can relate regarding Father of the Bride! We watched it right before Alicia got married and I cried SOOO hard!! Toooo emotional for watching too close to the real thing!!! Love reading your blog, Kels 💕


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