Bum Weekend // One

Being in a relationship, you will only ever know so much about a person and their life prior to being full committed to who you are. While Desi was at school at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs for a total of 7 years, I have only known so much about his time there. This weekend two of his best friends from school came to California for a reunion before they went off to start commitments at different bases. Spending the weekend with Desi’s roommate and friend who lived directly across the hall opened my eyes to the life he led before I came into the picture, and lucky for him it made me love him all the more.

Saturday we spent our morning watching the Air Force Academy football game, naturally. Complete with french toast casserole and mimosas. Then lazed around the pool, hearing them share stories of their Academy days was a highlight for me.


Sunday we took off for wine country, in Temecula. The Ponte Winery and Inn is our favorite spot. Its beautiful and quaint, you can’t help but immediately feel relaxed the minute you get there. Wine tasting, bar hopping and dinner, it doesn’t take much to make those boys happy!


It was a quick trip for the boys, but those moments are special. I am so grateful and honored to be welcomed into their “bolt brotherhood”

I would love to hear how all of you make moments with your mans best friends special, it’s the little effort we put into making their time with one another special that show your guy that you really care about him and his friends.

Come back tomorrow for Salty Bum Travels // Temecula. There’s nothing this bum loves more than wine and (saving a ) dime.


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