Welcome to My Salty Life

My name is Kelsey, it’s nice to meet you.

If you read through my About Me, then you know a little slice of why I am here and what this blog is all about. I wanted to take my first post and invite you all to take a peek into my life (because insta stalking people is my favorite past time). These faces and places will show up regularly and I’d like for you all to get to know myself and them a bit better.

Hey look, it’s me! This was taken on the most magical and life changing trip of my life to Bali. Home away from home for me however is Maui, the inspiration behind my Salty Bum life. Maui and I have a love affair. IMG_1396I live for the perfect gin and tonic and if there are french fries, popcorn or chips and salsa in sight, I won’t share. I am known to have Hawaiian music playing at all times and my favorite movies are classics you’ve never (but should) see




This is Desi, my high school crush (and then after hight school crush ) turned boyfriend. A true fairytale and I have never been happier. Air Force Academy graduate, currently serving the United States Air Force as a First Lieutenant and has a passion for coaching football. Remember the whole high school crush thing? Well, he was the stud all-star quarterback. I know… I know… I’m basic, it’s not something I’m proud of.



IMG_2236.jpgLast but not least, my ohana. My Dad, Disney Feature Animation Director (I know, he’s a badass.) My younger brother Henry, biology major and arguably the smartest person in my family. My mom, I dare you to find some one who doesn’t absolutely adore her. And my little sister Bridget, on her way to become a teacher because she has the patience that I do not possess.







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