A Goodbye to Redondo Beach

When we got the phone call that we were bound for Colorado in the summer, I knew I wanted to document our first home together and the beauty that we were so blessed to call home. I had the idea that for every place we call home in the future, I want to capture a snapshot of our lives there. Where we lived, what we liked to do and show how our relationship and family has grown (not growing yet, don’t get excited). About a month before we packed up the Rod Beach Shack, we spent the greatest evening with Katie Ruther Photography shaking martinis, recreating our beach walk and capturing the beauty of our own front yard.

IMG_8570IMG_8610IMG_8703IMG_8763IMG_8776IMG_8903IMG_8952IMG_8978IMG_8991IMG_9054IMG_9079IMG_9116IMG_9153IMG_9247IMG_9367Here is an excerpt from my journal

“Firsts were born here. The first time he carried me over the threshold after our honeymoon, the first bottle of gin we opened together. The first pieces of furniture and cakes. First Christmas trees and dinner parties. First fights. First laughs. First routines. First sicknesses, surgeries and shedding of tears.

Our beach walks, oh I’ll miss those the most. The soundtrack of waves and children screaming. The sudden halt at the sign of dolphins and sad dollars. We talked a lot on those walks. Plans and dreams along with fears were spoken along sandy feet trails. A lot of healing was done too. Physically, relationally, and spiritually. The ocean holds those secret words, she knows our hidden thoughts. She was the perfect backdrop for our firsts.”




Colorado or Bust!

Tomorrow is our first step towards our new life in Colorado! We are packing up our little Corolla, driving through the mountains and getting Desi all set up to start his new job. I’ll be following along in the next few months as we anxiously await the completion of our new home! Yes, we are building a brand new house and we can’t wait to start building memories there.

So what does this mean for The Salty Bum? In the coming months expect a lot more DIY’s and home decor, lots and lots of football, and I am sure peeks into my personal journey as I navigate through emotions of moving away from family and friends and finding my place in the sun in Colorado. I am vowing to keep this page updated with the latest happenings in our lives so the distance seems smaller.

For now I’ll leave you with progress pictures of our new home so you can be every bit apart of this ride!

Picture 1Picture 10Picture 2

January Joy.

Well, our first month of 2018 is at an end. How are we feeling? I took this month to really devote time to what makes me happy, what brings be joy. I feel that today everyone is more focused on proving their lives are worth a “like” than actually doing what they like… see what I did there? I hope some of my random thoughts and ideas inspire you to do more joy through the rest of the year.

  1. More slow sandy beach walks. Less sidewalk beach runs.
  2. Pretty music – – who cares what’s on the Top 40, blast that Hawaiian music and Nat King Cole classics!
  3. Love your space. New sheets, pretty through pillows and fresh bath towels will instantly make you feel pampered.
  4. Throw it out! I hate to tell you, but the less cluttered your living space is the better you will feel. Not tripping on a random heeled boot in the middle of the night – that’s enough joy right there!
  5. Make pretty choices – – fresh whipped cream on your coffee, fragrant blooms, matching hangers in your closet small indulgences to treat yourself everyday.
  6. Give Thanks. Your life and everyday of it is a gift from God. So pray, talk to Him about it. Thank Him for the day in front of you and ask for guidance throughout the day. Obey, and joy happens.

Simple ideas, but really taking a step back and thinking about what makes you happy is so important. I don’t like going to the gym, why should I feel the need to post a sweaty post run selfie? I’d much rather post about my sunset beach walk that truly brought a smile to my face instead. JOY!

Hello 2018!

Happy New Year bums! I can’t believe it is already one week into the New Year. It seems like just last week we were lovingly decorating our first little Christmas tree and eager to celebrate the season and now, poof it’s all behind us. In a way I am ready to embrace 2018 heart wide open and ready, but in other ways it feels bittersweet to leave 2017 behind.

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Brick Chicken Recipe

The weather at the beach as cooled to a delightful 68 degrees this morning and I am soaking up the feeling of fall until the sun peaks out. Coffee in hand, Nat King Cole radio playing and a candle lit. What better ambience to write about a hearty home cooked recipe?

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This is the kind of chicken recipe that will make your friends and family look at you and ask themselves if you’ve been abducted by aliens and magically replaced with a culinary genius, no I’m serious.

Brick Chicken has been our go to meal for a few months and is always a crowd pleaser. Pair it with some braised brussel sprouts and a beautiful loaf of french bread, beyond!


1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil

3 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary

3 tablespoons chopped fresh sage

2 tablespoons very finely minced garlic (4 cloves)

1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper

Grated zest of 2 lemons

4 bone-in, skin-on chicken (breast, thighs, quarters – whatever floats your boat)

2 tablespoons canola oil

Here’s where it gets fun, you will also need 2 bricks. Yes, you know like from Home Depot. Or use anything you have on hand that resembles a brick. No joke, the first time we made this recipe we pulled up our dogs memorial stones from the yard and used those. This chicken is that good people!

Let’s get cooking!

Combine the olive oil, rosemary, sage, garlic, red pepper flakes, 1 1/2 teaspoon salt, pepper and lemon zest. Pat your chicken dry and then rub this heaven all over each piece before placing it into a baking dish. Cover and let refrigerate for at least 2 hours.


Wrap your bricks, or dog stones, in a two layers of foil.

Heat a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add the canola oil, then add the chicken skin side down, and weight it down with the bricks. Now don’t touch the chicken! Let it sit and simmer and char for a good 10 minutes, you want it to be crisped and deep mahogany in color. You know your stove if it takes 20 minutes, so be it. Then remove the bricks, flip and do the other side.

Now if you really want to impress, once all the chicken is cooked and removed from the pan, quarter some lemons and char those bad boys. You end up with the beautiful yellow crystallized zesty heaven. Serve on top of the chicken, just make sure your guests don’t eat them (yes, this has happened in our home)

And…. blogger fail, we were all too hungry and I forgot to take a picture of the end masterpiece. As much as I wish I can credit this recipe as one of my own, it came from the Chrissy Teigen’s book Cravings so here is the picture of her masterpiece.

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I hope you share this meal with your loved ones and enjoy it as much as we do.



Well, better late than never!? It’s no secret that the entire wedding process had me pulled in every direction under the sun and my sweet blog was left in the dust. But because the post wedding activity depression is upon me, and I want to relive every moment and also perhaps since the end of my sweet sweet summer is eminent, let’s go back to June and party with my Flock of Beezy’s shall we?

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We’re Married!

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We are married and the chaos this year has brought with all of the wedding planning is finally behind us!

Desi and I were married in my childhood home in the yard on July 22 with 250 of our nearest and dearest. The entire day was a dream come true and the only words we can use to describe the day are: perfect & epic. I may or may not have ended up in the pool with my dress. Like I said epic.

The honeymoon is officially over as Desi headed back to work today and we are ready to get into our rhythm and continue our fairytale.

I’ll leave you bums with just a little sneak as I patiently await more pictures along with you.

We have felt your aloha throughout this ride, we are truly blessed.

xx Kels



Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout


Shirt Similar | Pants

Last weekend we were invited to the Friends and Family ride preview for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney’s California Adventure. Which meant waking up at 5 am to get to the park by 7. Keep in mind if you are planning on conquering GOTG: Mission Breakout this summer, there were already crowds of people lined up to get their fast pass and wait in line 2 hours before the park even opened. We however, were able to walk right on, which I am thankful for because if you saw my Instastory that day you know that the nerves were so real!!

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Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and allowed yourselves to reflect on the sacrifice so many before us and after us make to ensure we live in a free country that stands by the Declaration of Independence and allow us a holiday weekend to officially kick off summer.

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